What is Indoor Axe Throwing?

Axe throwing as an indoor competitive sport has taken off in Canada over the past decade. Similar to darts, axe throwing is an individual sport played with and against other members of a group. Individuals throw 1.5 lb. hatchets at wooden targets marked with a bullseye and score points based on where on the target they stick the axe.

Can I just walk in?

At this point we recommend booking your group events at least 2 days in advance. This way you are guaranteed an arena to have your game. We will have designated walk in times where there will be reserved arenas exclusively for walk ins, but it is on a first come, first served basis. Walk-ins will not function like a tournament event and be paid for by the hour. You will still have a dedicated axe master to train you and maintain safety at all times.

Can my deposit be refunded upon arrival?

Yes, we can easily refund your deposit upon arrival and your group can split the balance evenly.

How Does It Work?

Group reservations at Detroit Axe last up to 2 hours depending on the group size and must be booked in advance. All events start with safety instructions and 1-on-1 throwing practice, led by our fully trained Axe Masters in a private throwing area. Once you’ve sharpened your skills, we’ll kick off a round robin tournament followed by final knockout round to award an axe-throwing champion. Our Axe Masters will take care of all scoring and  flow of the tournament so you can relax and enjoy the sport. At the end of every round robin tournament, one member of the group is the winner. The minimum amount of players for a group reservation is 8.

How much does it cost?

There are essentially 2 ways to enjoy Detroit Axe.
One way is by walking-in without a reservation. A walk-in is always first come, first served based on availability and availability is never guaranteed. Walk-in participants generally share their arena with up to 10 participants. All walk-in participants are given throwing training and an overview of safety protocol after which your hour of Axe Throwing fun will commence.
A walk-in is $20/per person for the hour.

Reservations at Detroit Axe can be made for a min. of 8 people and up to 72 people. A reservation guarantees your group their own arena for their reserved time slot for up 2 hours depending on the size of the group. When you are here for your reservation, your time is your own, but typically we like to facilitate a fully, digitally scored tournament for your group, with a champion emerging at the end.

A reservation is $40/person, with a minimum of 8 people charged to make a reservation. Reservations can be made here and require a 50% deposit.
Each reservation of 8-12 people guarantees your group of up to 12 one arena (2 targets). Each reservation of 13-24 people guarantees your group of up to 24 two arenas (4 targets).

A reservation can also be made for groups under 8 people. However, your group is not guaranteed their own arena with that sized reservation.  Our team may pair you up with another group (not to exceed 10 in total).

I made a reservation for 9 people, can I have 2 more join?


A reservation for 8 people (one arena minimum), allows space for up to 12 participants. A reservation for 13 people (2 arena minimum) allows for up to 24 participants. You will be charged based on the number of participants upon completion of your event.

Is drinking allowed while throwing axes?

Drinking alcohol is STRICTLY PROHIBITED while throwing axes!  Patrons can consume alcohol before or after in the concourse or lounge but NEVER in the axe throwing area that is clearly marked with a yellow line.  No alcohol will be permitted beyond this line.

Is it Safe?

Safety is our number one priority. The format we use and the construction of the throwing lanes are all focused around the safety of the participants. Each competitor throws in his/her  individual lane and competes side-by-side with another competitor. For each pair of throwing competitors, we have an event Axe Master who is responsible for keeping score as well as ensuring safety protocols are followed. Only the two active competitors throwing at that time are allowed within the throwing area, all other competitors are required to wait in the safety zone behind the lanes.

Is there food at Detroit Axe?

Yes! Detroit Axe shares a full menu with The Corner – Grill, Bar and Gameroom, which can be found at The Corner . You can eat dinner right at your axe throwing lane during your experience. There is always a bar tender to take orders and on weekends we have a server taking care of guests on the floor.

If you are looking to have a large group party and are interested in our food packages, you can email party@detroitaxe.com for a comprehensive list of our package offerings!

What Do I Wear?

Closed toed shoes and comfortable throwing gear are the only requirement.


What is the minimum age for Axe Throwing?

The minimum age to throw axes at Detroit Axe is 14 with a guardian.